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We've Trained Over
2,000 Dogs

dog getting trained at the beach

Training Methods

Aversive training is utilizing prong collars and E-collars to control and communicate to your dog both on and off leash.

Scientific based method, marker training and positive reinforcement is all very similar techniques which combine into one. Scientific dog training is studying the dog to determine which method will work best. This includes marker training which can be both verbal and clicker. Verbal markers are utilizing the yes, no and good marker to communicate desired and undesired behavior.

10+ Years of Dog Training Experience

Our training approach is balanced dog training which includes a wide variety of training techniques such aversive communication, scientific methods, marker training and positive reinforcement. We have trained over two thousand dogs utilizing these proven techniques. Multiple techniques help us train and rehabilitate any dog because we can trouble shoot each training technique to see what works better per case by case basis. We would like to break down and explain each training technique for you to better understand our methods.

dog getting trained at the park
walking dog by trainer

You reinforce the yes marker with a more positive based method such as treat, toy or praising. The no marker is reinforced by either taking something out of the equation, implementing an aversive communication technique or a more positive method which can be a simple whistle or shush.

Clicker training is clicker sound followed by a reward reinforcing that specific action the dog just did is desired. This helps communicate to the dog simultaneously that behavior is desired. This training tool is highly desired with young puppies, trick dogs and high-level obedience training.

Our Facility

Serving Los Angeles County, Anaheim, Fullerton, Orange, & Placentia in beautiful Southern California. Our Dog Daycare & Boarding facility is conveniently located off the 91 freeway (State College Blvd exit) and the 57 freeway (Lincoln Ave. exit) We are just 4 miles from Disneyland, 8 miles from Knott's Berry Farm, 3 miles from the Honda Center, and 4 miles from the Anaheim Angels Baseball Stadium.

the facility

How we can help

Our programs are designed for your dog to progress without you having to do the work.
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