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Dog Training Designed Around Your Needs

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Board & Train
(2 Week Program)

Yes, your dog can be trained. 

Two weeks can take you from frustrated owner to excited to spend time with your dog. 

Unlock your canine's full potential with Hudson's Canine Kennels' Board and Train Program!

  • Tailored for all levels, from untrained pups to those with basic skills, our program promises a remarkable transformation. Imagine your dog mastering obedience, impressing everyone with their newfound discipline and abilities.

  • Post-training, enjoy private sessions to strengthen your bond and enhance your handling skills.

  • And for those seeking an even more comprehensive journey, our 5 Week extendable Program awaits, offering an unparalleled depth of training. Begin your dog's journey to excellence with us!


  • Establishes a training baseline for your dog

  • Your dog will no longer pull on walks

  • Understands their correct heeling position

  • Off leash reliability

  • Socialization and environmental training

  • Agility training


Board & Train
(5 Week Program)

Control Your Dog On-leash and Off-Leash with Our Five-Week Training Program

Elevate your dog to new heights of obedience and trust with our 5-Week Board and Train Program at Hudson's Canine Kennels.

  • Designed to grant you seamless control, both on and off the leash, this program is more than training—it's a transformative journey. Envision your dog, confident and calm, responding to your every command, whether in the comfort of home or amidst the distractions of the outside world.

  • This comprehensive course is crafted to foster leadership, build unbreakable bonds, and fine-tune communication skills that endure a lifetime. Watch in pride as your dog becomes a paragon of focus and reliability, a testament to your commitment and our expert guidance.

  • Step into a future where every walk is a pleasure, and every command is met with eager compliance. Let's shape that future together!


Owning a dog is a big responsibility, but with the right training you can help your dog become the best possible partner. With Board and Train, get the full and complete control of your dog on and off leash with our five-week program that will equip you with the tools to establish leadership, build trust, and strengthen communication skills.


Other benefits:

  • Your Dog Will Learn Control and Become a Well-Behaved and Responsible Dog

  • Offers complete on and off leash control of your dog

  • Builds trust and strengthens communication skills

  • Teaches your dog to control their energy on leash and off leash

We've helped thousands of So Cal residents improve their relationships with their dogs

All of our clients were at one point unsure of how to improve their relationship with their dog. Hear how we helped them below!

Joseph at Hudson's Canine Kennels is amazing! We have two small to medium dogs that were not very attentive to us. They took our two dogs for 5 weeks on his board and train program. During this period he kept in contact with us giving us updates on their progress. Our dogs came home well trained and more confident. I would highly recommend Hudson, they are professional, patient, and an amazing dog trainer!

Luis L.

When we first took our dog to Hudson Kennels it was so hard to walk on a leash and to take him places in public. But now after a great 5-week program, he is so much easier to take on walks and in public places. It has made our life much easier.  You also get lessons with him to help/teach you how to handle your pet better which is awesome.

Cynthia A.

Highly recommend Hudson's Kennel. I took my year-old Husky Zeke for a 3-week board & train, Zeke had learned a lot with me but he was stubborn, pulled a lot on walks, and wouldn't stay for a long period of time. I got him back from Hudson and he came back more confident & way more obedient, Also off leash training so my walks with Zeke are the best now.

Danny T.


Hudson's Cannels Kennels offers a variety of training methods to suit your needs and your dog's personality. We believe in using the most effective and humane methods possible to ensure a happy and healthy relationship between you and your furry friend. Our aversive training methods are designed to be as effective as possible, while still being safe and gentle on your dog. We use prong collars and E-collars to help control and communicate with your dog, and our experienced trainers will work with you to find the best method for your dog. We believe that every dog is unique and deserves to be treated as an individual. We will work with you to tailor a training program that is perfect for your dog, and we'll always be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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