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Board & Train $2,099 (2 Week Program)

Board & Train $2,099 (2 Week Program)


The $2099 is non refundable training program.


The two-week board and train program is designed for puppies or dogs with no training or obedience as well as dogs with basic obedience wanting to further their obedience. This program is designed to also help with behavior modifications and introduction to off leash.


Private lessons are included with this package for handler and dog after completion. For a more in depth training package, check out our 5 Week Program.

  • How to Prepare

    You will need to bring 2 weeks of food. It's also suggested that you bring FreshPet as a food topper to increase your dog's motivation to eat their meals. Up to date vaccination records are required.  On your start date you will owe the remaining cost for the course.

  • What We Do

    During the two weeks we establish a training baseline for your dog such as marker training, socialization, environmental training, kennel training and shaping new behaviors such as sit, lay down, stay, place and recall. Your dog will no longer pull on walks and understand their correct heeling position. We will also introduce off leash reliability as well as agility training. Agility training introduction will consist of a-frame, dog walk, and jumps on tall boxes. Depending on your dogs behavioral issues we will determine if more training is necessary. It is optional if you would like E-collar introduction. This course can also be for mildly reactive dogs that need behavior modifications and also can teach your dog desired tricks depending on the difficulty level.

    The cost of program is nonrefundable the date you select at checkout is the date that is confirmed.

$2,099.00 Regular Price
$1,679.20Sale Price

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