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Premiere Dog Training in Orange County

Go From Frustrated Owner to a Healthy, Happy Relationship With Your Dog


"A happy dog means a happy you. We focus on making life joyful for both of you through positive behavior."

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You're not alone with your dog's behavior issues. We're here to support you every step of the way.

-Joseph Hudson,
Founder of Hudson's Canine Kennels 

Joseph Hudson

Founder of Hudson's Canine Kennels

The "Secret" Process to Get Your Dog Trained and Well-Behaved in as Little as Two Weeks

"I was a dog handler for years in the Marines - day in and day out I was training canines. I didn't realize how effective our process was until I completed my service. I came back home and others were seeing how quickly I was able to fix my own dog's behavior. 

Next thing you know, friends and family were bringing their dogs to me and I found myself solving all kinds of problems. From on-leash walking to off-leash behavior and socialization, I became sort of the hot topic around town here in the OC. We decided to open up Hudson's Canine Kennels using these same processes, and ever since then it's been my mission to ensure you and your dog a healthy, happy relationship."

-Joseph Hudson, Hudson's Canine Kennels

Is Dog Training Right For Me?

"Imagine this - you just got home from a long day of work, and instead of feeling stress because the dog has been running amuck and tearing the house apart, you have a friendly, loving dog you and the kids can spend some time with and take with you wherever you go - whether it's a weekend trip at the beach or a family barbecue in the sun. 

That's what our Board and Train will do for you - it's more than dog training, it's peace of mind and a long-lasting relationship between you and your canine" 

-Joseph Hudson



Read Some of Our Recent Reviews! We've Trained over 2500 Dogs (Spoiler Alert - Yes, it really does)

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What Makes Hudson's Canine Kennels Different From the Rest

We focus on positive behavior reinforcement - in short, we bring out the good behaviors in your dog and use these to replace the bad. 

However, it's our team and strict training schedule that sets us apart from the rest. To clarify, we are not a one-man show. I've had the privilege of building a team of trainers that truly love what they do.

You might imagine that working with only one trainer would be better for your dog - and I don't blame you! I love dog training celebrities as much as the next person, but it's important that your canine is well-adjusted to multiple new humans - a behavior that will show when you bring guests over to the home. This means constantly being exposed to new stimuli so your dog is not triggered by the unfamiliar scent of the mailman - or a family friend.

-Joseph Hudson

Which Program Should I Enroll In?

We Typically Recommend Our 2-Week Program for All Dog Owners Looking to Improve Their Relationship With Their Dog.


Our most popular training - We will place new behaviors such as sit, lay down, stay, place and recall. Your dog will no longer pull on walks and understand their correct heeling position.


The five-week board and train program is designed to give you full and complete on leash and off leash control of your dog.

Private Lessons included for handler and dog after training is completed. 


We will go over our training philosophy and methods one on one to help you and your four-legged companion build a better relationship both on and off leash. 


We'll Help your Dog Behave in Ways That Make You Proud.

Discover More Than Training: Experience Love, Care, and a Joyful Life With Your Dog. Our services go beyond basic training to include behavior rehab and boarding —because we believe in nurturing every aspect of your dog's well-being. Invest in a happier, simpler life together.

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