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Premiere Dog Training in Orange County

Go From Frustrated Owner to a Healthy, Happy Relationship With Your Dog


How Can We Help Your Dog?

You're not alone with your dog's behavior issues. We're here to support you every step of the way.

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"A happy dog means a happy you. We focus on making life joyful for both of you through positive behavior."

-Joseph Hudson,
Founder of Hudson's Canine Kennels 

See the Transformation for Yourself: Join Hundreds of Delighted Owners Sharing Their Success Stories!

Overwhelmed by Too Much Advice? We'll give you Clear, Tailored Guidance That Works for You and Your Dog

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Board & Train

We specialize in training dogs for real world scenarios that you may come in contact with through daily repetitive training exercises. Our experienced handlers work well with dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and temperaments. Our programs are designed for your dog to progress without you having to do the work.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are for clients who either have young dogs, aggressive cases or do not wish to be away from there four-legged companion. Private lessons are conducted at our facility.

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When you're on vacation, give your pup an overnight stay at our facility. Our boarding facility includes a luxury-style suite with a bed as well as doggy daycare throughout the entire day.

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We'll Help your Dog Behave in Ways That Make You Proud.

Discover More Than Training: Experience Love, Care, and a Joyful Life With Your Dog. Our services go beyond basic training to include behavior rehab and boarding —because we believe in nurturing every aspect of your dog's well-being. Invest in a happier, simpler life together.


Our Training Methods

We use a number of techniques and tools to help a dog find balance and return to the pack. This allows us to work successfully with dogs regardless of their energy level or previous experiences.

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